Saturday, July 28, 2007

PRM Premier!!!

Dear Babes & Dudes....

I'm sure you'll are aware that we've been invited to alex's house to watch PRM premier on coming Friday. rules are bring your own food and booze.
As maybe some of us wouldn't be able to make it (me & Hatta) or perhaps some might want to watch it with your families, your 'other' friends, long list of lovers, boyfriends & boyfriendss... perhaps we should meet up altogether after the show??? I mean afterall it is a friday??? we can either meet at our old- time mamak to start off with then proceed somewhere else?? So, if you have got any suggestion, please post or vote on your favourite then we shall decide then??
AND....don't just simply say "YES" then not showing up, ok??? I was really late last time but at least I showed up right ;-) ??? and i was among the 3 who went home at 4am???
Guys, this can be really fun!! All of us, all 'dressed up' to the max right after the premier???
So, hope to see your suggestion soon???
Cheers!!!! Allison

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