Monday, September 3, 2007

Well, it's not that you're giving us a lot of options here, and most of the pictures are really candid!!! Which is in a way.... great!

Alright then, here are my comments....

- well, the thing about Cris is that he's always so serious, always telling us to look 'fresh' at 4 in the morning and the picture of him working on his laptop isn't really painting a good picture in my head instead of me struggling to stay awake all the time!!

- in an usual case, my vote would probably go to Taufiq. But there's something about the way he sits in the picture that sort of gave his charms away...!!! Samseng doesn't work for you chap, indie is much cooler...

- well, what can you say about a man with not much muscle, wearing a muscle- tee??? Not very hot, I must say!! Sew your sleeves back on dude..

- Awie, i'd say is cute with an annoying habit of laughing out so damn loud that it is very contagious!!! If only he sucked his stomach in just a tiny bit then my vote would definitely go to him...... :-)

- well, what can i say??? He adores Bridgette and actually thinks her walk is sexy???

- well not sure about you but i'd never think a man who 'dangdut' the whole night is hot, and as for Tiger... if only he has the heart for a woman... (he thinks Danny is hot!!!)...

- don't think it's appropriate to do any damage on Peter :-) but Peter does looked absolutely, delightfully pleased...

hence, my vote goes to the next round of people??!!!


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Pete's Words said...

Allison, just relax and chill! I'm not an angel nor have I tried to be! I have my diva moments as well! LOL! But thanks for being sweet! ;-) Miss you guys lots! PETER LUM